PROFITT, Providing Real Opportunities for Income through Technology, involves modification of the proven National Braille Press (NBP) and Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) braille training curriculums to better serve the needs of offenders in a correctional setting slated for impending release and return to the workforce. What makes this training program unique is an added focus on the generation of computerized graphics, providing high-demand, transferable software skills that prepare offenders for gainful employment upon release. PROFITT participants will also benefit from specialized small business management and employment skills training and post-release placement support assistance tailored to the needs of transitioning offenders.


The purpose of PROFITT is to produce a model blueprint for use by any correctional facility interested in implementing the comprehensive, competency-based PROFITT braille training curriculum, geared at positioning offenders for long-term sustainable income upon release.


Through implementing the PROFITT blueprint, we hope to lower the recidivism rate of participating offenders, as they will have the professional skills needed for long-term success after serving their time. This will save tax dollars and improve the lives of many families and communities across the nation.


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